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A Fantastic Putting Technique - Distance Control !

Practice Distance Control for Better Putting

golf distance controlIf you are looking for a great putting technique, then you must start to work on your distance control. This one technique or tip can save you many strokes.


Golf Putting Instruction - The Missing Link - Distance Control

Putting is such a finicky part of the game. There are as many putters, gadgets, grips and styles as there are people putting. Each of these items all saying they will "improve your putting", but have little to no effect on you overall golf score.

But still, with all of the books, putting aids and techniques, most golfers still rarely improve enough to make a difference in their golf score. They continue to get frustrated and don't enjoy the game as much as they should and could.

Putting is the usual culprit to ruining a golf game. You can make up for bad shots getting to the green, but once you miss the putt, you missed it and you are not going to get it back. It is just a wasted shot.

Why is this? The answer is Simple. Distance control is still not being taught or understood. You can have the best stroke there is, the latest putter on the market, but if you can't control your distance, it does no good what so ever. Developing a good putting technique for distance control will solve your problem.

Hitting the golf ball 3 feet past the hole and then do the same thing coming back is worthless. All this causes is a lot of grief, embarrassment and a lot of bogie's or more on your score card and your golf score and golf handicap remaining high.

The Secret Putting Technique

So what is the Answer? I will share part of the answer with you now. The rest is included in the Putt Lights Out eBook, golf instruction putting book.

The problem that all golfers have is they are guessing how hard to hit the ball. You can not guess. You have to know. No one teaches you this. How far do you take the club back? How hard do I hit the golf ball to make it go a certain distance? These are important question to know the answer's too if you want to makedistance control a lot of putts.

One of your keys to successful distance control is you must have a tempo that works for you. The better your tempo, the better your distance control. This is one answer. But which tempo is good for you? I can tell you, you do it naturally. I will teach you your natural tempo in the system. Then we will learn some other techniques as well and use it to our advantage and kick the pants off of our competition...

With the Putt Lights Out system, you will learn a Secret that will control your distance consistently. Speed if far more important than line. There is a way that you will know exactly how far your ball will roll every time, GUARANTEED. You change NOTHING, using the system.

Once the Putt Lights Out System is understood, your confidence will soar. You will enjoy the game more, because you will be making more putts. 3 putts will vanish and you will lag to within inches, rather than feet. You will know the speed of any green, anytime and anywhere within 10 minutes. This is also GUARANTEED..

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