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Get a Pre-Round Routine, and Stick With it!!!!

The key to finding natural rhythm is familiarity. Emulate the pre-round practice routine that the greatest golfer of all time, Jack Nicklaus used in his prime and still to date sticks with.

practice rhythm not your swingPrior to a round of golf always use the same six clubs, starting with the sand wedge, then the 9 iron, followed by the 7 iron, then the 5 iron, followed by the 3 iron and working the way up to the driver.


The last club you hit is the one you are planning to use for the tee shot on the first hole of the day.

Establish Rhythm

The purpose is not to work on your swing, but to establish rhythm. You should have already prepared yourself mentally (by making a game plan for the round) and emotionally for the challenges ahead.

Most amateurs don't go out with a plan, and they aren't in rhythm when they get to the first tee. The result is a nervous, tentative opening shot that sets the wrong tone. By the time they find that feel, if they find it at all, it's too late. The round is shot.

So start your round out on the right swings by visualizing your game plan to attack each hole on the golf course prior to the round. Then establish and find your days rhythm, timing, and tempo on the driving range before ripping that first hole tee shot down the middle of the short grass! Practice these visualization and feel skills and watch your score improve!!

Here is another great tip that will help you with the proper way to hit solid iron shots.

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