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"Putt Lights Out"

The Ultimate Putting

Instruction E-Book


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golf putting instruction

Putt Lights Out Sale

I GUARANTEE To Reduce The Number of Putts
You Have In Any Golf Round
By 3,5,7 or More Strokes OR Your Money Back !

-- Putting Instruction Book --

What You Will Find Inside The “Putt Lights Out” Golf Book

Golf Putting Instruction You Have Not Seen

Eliminate forever those awful 3,4 & 5 putts…
Uncover the secret to consistent and accurate distance control…
Know the speed of any green, anywhere, anytime…in just 10 minutes…
Find out the # 1 mistake most golfers make when putting…
Regain your putting confidence
Learn the Key to putting - and how to do it over and over
Never be embarrassed about your putting again

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putt lights out ebook, golf putting instruction

And that’s not All…


Find your Normal Putting Rhythm and use it to your advantage…
Know exactly how long your putting stroke needs to be to hit the ball the perfect distance every time …
Find your Normal Putting Rhythm and use it to your advantage…
Know exactly how long your putting stroke needs to be to hit the ball the perfect distance every time …

You will SAVE TIME by learning this Step-By-Step system. "Putt Lights Out" tells you exactly what to focus on during every step. You don't have to figure it out by yourself. You don't have to wonder about what to do next. I will provide the information AND teaching you need for less that one round of golf.…

You will get more enjoyment out of golf because you will consistently be making more putts, and watch your golf score lower...

This system will SAVE YOU THE FRUSTRATION of playing golf badly...

You can stop wasting money on expensive practice rounds. You will SAVE MONEY. Offline golf lessons are around $80 per hour, and many instructors charge much more. This complete putting system gives you much more information than I could provide in one lesson for half the price.

You will get a great amount of satisfaction by sharing your knowledge with friends, family, and co-workers. This is the main reason I started to teach "Putt Lights Out".  Too many golfers struggle, when they don't have to.
You don’t have to change anything you are doing!

What is Included

"The Putt Lights Out System" is a downloadable system - You get all of the information above plus much more. It is a step-by-step guide so that you know exactly what you should be doing.  I've bought the books and the training aids.  They don't work.  You have to have a system that teaches and shows you what you need to do every time. 

I want to make this a complete no-brainer decision for you and make sure you are absolutely ecstatic when you purchase my system.  Here are some incentives I will provide if you act TODAY:

Massive Bonus List

Bonus #1 "Putt Lights Out" Newsletter
Every 2 weeks you will receive in your inbox a letter full of new tips and tricks  from readers around the world.  The latest information on equipment reviews and physical conditioning and exercise routines to stay physically fit.
Bonus #2 50 Lessons to Improve your Game NOW - eBook
This powerful eBook is jam-packed with useful tips to help you lower your handicap as soon as possible.  Compiled by one of the best golf resources on the web, this book gives outstanding photos as well as simple instructions.   Priceless.
Bonus #3 Mike Pedersen's "Fit To A Tee" eBook
Mike’s ebook has been read by over 50,000 golfers from all around the world. Learn how your BODY is affecting your swing and how you can change it. This book is an immediate download upon purchasing my Putt Lights Out product. It’s concise and to the point. It will be an awakening experience. You’ll look at your golf performance approach differently after reading this power-packed ebook. $23 Value
Bonus #4 Make More Putts - Green Reading Made Easy
Invaluable Guide will show you a Secret that will allow you to play every green as if it were flat, even if it is not!  Learn the secret to "Plumb Bob" and really start making some breaking putts.  You will understand the right distance needed to make the putt.  Learn, why you should not aim at the hole when you are faced with a difficult breaking putt.  Where to stand on the green to get your best perspective (most golfers don't know this one fact that is costing them shots).
Bonus #5 FREE Lifetime Upgrades
As this golf information putting manual evolves and improves, you will receive FREE upgrades.  I am always looking to improve the system and make it better, when I do, you will get the information first.
Bonus #6 '25 Lessons To Improve Your Game NOW' - eBook

If you can't wait any longer, just click the Buy Button


putt lights out ebook, golf putting instruction

Yes, if you order right now, you can purchase The “Putt Lights Out” System (Complete with all the Bonuses) for only $14.95

There is ABSOLUTELY NO RISK to you. Try the “Putt Lights Out” putting instruction book, and see if it works for you. If it doesn’t deliver the results I promised, you don’t lose; I do. The burden to deliver is entirely on me.


$14.95 is NOTHING compared to ineffective putting lessons, golf putting training aids and don’t forget, the latest and greatest putter of the year.  Bottom line is you have to get the ball in the hole and this golf putting system "Putt Lights Out" gets the ball in the hole in fewer putts.

Consumer Warning:Use of this product will result in a Dramatic Decrease in the number of 3 putts
per round and a Significant Increase in the number of 1 putts per round.

It's easy to get started right away. Just click the "Paypal" button below and have your copy of "Putt Lights Out" and the $100 in bonus material will be in your hands within seconds. It couldn't be any easier or faster.

Get ready to start lowering your scores,  and start putting better than ever before!
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putt lights out ebook, golf putting instruction

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It doesn't matter if it's 2:18 a.m., you can have this book in your hands within minutes!

Here's to a lot of ONE putts,

Steve Madigan

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