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Hot to Hit Longer Drives


Secret to Hitting Longer Drives

Are you wondering how the guys on tour hit the ball so far?  Well hitting longer drives for you will become easier when you learn the tips below. 

If you watch the guys or even the girls on tour,  you don't have to be big to hit the ball far. 

 You need to make solid contact on the ball, have good timing at impact and keep good rhythm.  But take some time to learn what I am about to teach you below, (actually written by my son Tim Madigan - golf professional and winner of the New Mexico Open) and you will be hitting your drives farther and straighter in no time.  But remember, you have to practice these tips to become really good at them.

So here goes, how to hit longer drives

  • Make sure you have a light grip pressure so you can release the club faster which will increase your club head speed. 
  • Do not try to swing any harder; just make sure you hit the ball solidly. 
  • Swinging smoother while hitting the ball solid will go further than swinging harder and mis-hitting it. 
  • Widen you stance a few extra inches to ensure good balance which will help you hit the ball solid. 
  • Do not swing the club past parallel on your backswing.

Try those tips and let me know what happens.  You can visit the Puttlightsout golf blog and leave a comment.

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