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Topping the Golf Ball - What is Really the Problem?

So why do golfers really top the ball. If you were to ask 100 golfers, problably the resonding answer would be you "peeked". We will get to that. But when does topping the ball really occur. Topping the ball usually occurs most of the time when you are trying to hit a partial shot and the other most common time is when you are using a lofted club.


topping the golf ballSo now that we know when the likely times a golfer tops the ball, we can talk breifly about "peeking". Peeking is not the likely reason that a golfer tops the ball. What "peeking" is to a golfer is you tried to help it. You scooped it. What happened is the beginning edge of the club (leading edge) arrived at the ball first. You tried to help the ball get in the air. No good!

Another Reason for Topping the Ball is "Tension"

Another reason for topping the ball is "tension". What happens in this case is the legs straighten, you want to shrug the shoulders and then the arms bend, and you top the ball.

Here are a few things to try when you are having problems topping the ball:

You have to trust the loft of the club. Believe that if you just try to move the ball forward, rather than helping it, the ball will get in the air.

If you watch the pro's, they really hit down on the ball. They don't help the ball up.

The loft of the club when hitting down and taking the divot in "front of the ball", will propel the ball high in the air. So trust the loft you have selected.

How to Fix the Problem of Topping the Golf Ball

golf practice equipment

Try not to tense up. The shoulders and neck muscles should remain relaxed. Prior to hitting your shot, perform your waggle to relax.

Try to remove the tension in the shoulder and the neck. You have to try to keep these body parts tension free. If you do that the rest of the body will follow right along.

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