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Where is the Correct Golf Ball Position!

One thing that is over looked often is where is the correct golf ball position. Some times golfers even take this for granted. Meaning that they are not even sure where the correct ball position is or they don't pay attention to the position.


Thecorrect ball position correct golf ball position could be different from player to player. This is due to the amount of movement or lateral sway that each player has. What is the correct ball position. You need to find out what is best for you.

Here are some guideline that you can start to go by. These will give you a good starting point:

The correct golf ball position for all normal lie shot (nothing that is awkward) should be just a bit ahead of center to right about 3" ahead of center. This difference will be dependent upon what club you are using.

The length of the club will determine the exact distance ahead the ball should be.

The ball position being just ahead of center in your stance will allow the club to decend on the ball on its forward approach when you start the downswing. This will allow for downward pressure on the ball, allowing the ball to start straight down the target line.

A technique to determine where the ball is in your stance. This is really simple to do and the pro's do this all the time. This is a fundamental building block of the golf swing.

Ball Position..

find correct ball positionPut a couple of clubs on the ground and form a "T" with the clubs. Make the T with the horizontal line (feet line) away from you. The vertical club will go right between your feet to form that "T". Your feet or toes of your feet will align and touch the horizonal club.

You can even add another club and extend the "T" to make a "+" with the clubs. Now place the ball at the top of the "+".

This way you can see exactly where the ball is in your stance by the club that is in between your feet. This is going to show you the correct golf ball position.

So start with the ball a little ahead (or forward) in your stance. The starting point would be right in the middle, so just move it a little forward of that to start with. This would be the starting point for your irons.

The more loft the closer to the center it will be. Working to the driver the ball should end up a couple of inches behind (or toward center) of the forward heel.

On full shots the correct golf ball position is between your front heel and the club that is in between your feet.

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