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Hitting a Draw Shot


Have You Ever Wondered How to Hit a Draw Shot?

You see the pro's working the golf ball right to left.  It is such a nice shot to watch when it is executed correctly. 

Well you can do the same thing with some practice. 


Learning to hit the draw shot in golf in not that hard if you are willing to work on it.  With the instructions below you should be able to work the ball right to left (and not a hook) and if there is a dog leg you can just have the golf ball just follow that fairway right around the corner.

Also with the draw,  you are going to get more distance once the ball hits the ground.  So that is another reason that you should learn how to hit it.

So here are some tips on how to hit the draw shot in golf (right to left for the right handed golfer)

Tips for the draw golf shot

  1. The exact opposite of a cut shot, aim a little right of your target where you want the ball to start but aim your clubface where you want the ball to end up. 
  2. Swing down your feet line with a normal swing. 
  3. When you swing down your feet line with the club face closed, it will produce a right-to-left ball flight (draw). 
  4. Ensure that you have a light grip pressure to make sure you turn the club face over fast enough to produce to a right-to-left ball flight.
  5. Thats it, simple.  So just work on the above and you will be working the ball right to left in no time and hitting that perfect draw golf shot.

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