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Hard Pan Iron Shots


How to Hit a Iron Off Hard Pan

There are some secrets to hitting iron shots off of the hard pan.  If done correctly, you will hit the shot crisp and at your target.  Done incorrectly, you are going to skinny the shot (catch the golf ball thin) and it will go flying somewhere, and who know where.

 Listen to the tips below, practice what I tell you and you will be the master of the hard pan shot.

  • Play the ball a couple inches further back in your stance. 
  • Take one extra club and choke down on the club an inch and swing smooth. 
  • Playing the ball back in your stance will allow you to hit the ball first. 
  • Choking down on a long club with help you to swing smooth and maintain good tempo. 

The ball flight will be a bit lower but you will be able to control the distance better. 

The key is to hit the ball first to guarantee good distance.

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