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Use a Little Wrist and Allow the Left Arm to Control the Shot

golf chip shot tipsMany golfers seem to be able to get the ball 400 yards in a few shots. So from the tee to the green everything is fine.  Then the problems start.  They can't seem to get the ball in the hole from just around the green.  You can start using these golf chip shot tips to help with this problem.  You are then start hitting the chip shots close and start to knock the pin down with real good pitches and chips


Use just a little wrist and then let the left arm control the shot

  • The first thing that you are going to need to do is to choke up on the club.  You can choke up a couple to a few inches
  • What you want to do next is to narrow your stance up and even have the stance a little open
  • Open the club face up, but you are still going to want to make sure that is is square to the target
  • You are going to use the same swing for a pitch shot or a chip shot, they are both the same
  • So, when you are chipping, you will want to stand a little taller.  Maybe even get a little closer to the ball to do this.
  • You will need to raise your hands up a bit in order to pick the heel up a bit and make the toe of the club go down.  This will allow you to start hitting some crisp pitch shots
  • You are then going to start to play the ball off of your right foot
  • You want the hands a head of the ball, so have the angle of the shaft leaning toward the target, this will get the hands in front of the ball.  Now when you do this, make sure that the club is not opening up by moving those hands forward, square it back up if this happens
  • Ok, so we have our open stance and now we are going to allow the shoulders to help swing the club.  We are not going to be using the hands or wrist.  Think of your hands and wrist as if you had a cast on them and you can't move them
  • Now as you start the swing, you are going to make sure that the left arm is staying against the left side.
  • Lean some of your weight to the left side, say about 60% of your weight and keep it on the left side through out the swing
  • You are going to want to allow the club to be able to swing to the left of the target after you impact the ball
  • You want to have a nice smooth rhythm back and through the ball.  You don't want to jerk the club back and through.  Don't have some jerky motion or try to get quick.  Use the phrase and say to yourself "SU-PER Fl-UID".  Super Fluid, smooth back and through.  Don't rush the down swing at all
  • Make sure that the hands stay in front of the ball through impact, by keep that angle of the shaft leaning toward the target at impact

So practice the above chip shot tips and you will be knocking the pin over and making much better scores.  When I work with someone this is where we start, around the green.  More shots can be made up with a good short game and good putting, then anywhere else on the course.

Good luck and let me know how you are doing over at my blog, leave me a comment at Putt Lights Out Blog

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