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Golf Swing Rhythm Not Speed for a Good Chip Shots !

The name of the game

 golf swing rhythm

If you would like to improve your golf swing, you should try to think of someone (celebrity) that has two syllables in the first name and well as two syllables in their last name. For example: Gary Player, Freddy Couples, Johnny Miller, etc.


As you are taking your swing, say the first name during your back swing and say the last name during your downswing. This is what happens. As you say the first name during your back swing and the last name during the down swing, allows you to time your swing.

This will ensure that the pace and the length of your back swing will match the down or forward swing. If you want to chip the ball better, you need to start or at least try this method.

When chipping or in the short game, to much speed and not enough rhythm can cause some really poor shots. When you are chipping around the green, you have to think about distance control and feel or touch. When you have a relaxed and good tempo (rhythm) achieving the desired results will come much easier.

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So good luck with your short game practice. Now don't forget to practice the tempo name game. With a little practice you will be chipping like a champ in no time. You are going to hit those tricky pitches and chips, having more confidence and freedom and you will get much better results.

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