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How to hit the high pitch shots

If you are looking to hit the high pitch shot, then you have come to the right place. Learn from the best, with video and description on the best way to hit the high pitch shot, with lob wedge.


For high pitches, start downswing with legs.

  • You want to open your stance, but square your shoulders.
  • The club should go straight back and straight through
  • Rock (like clothes hanger on a hook)
  • Don't turn the shoulders
  • You want the arms to start the downswing
  • Try to use a very light grip
  • What you want to do is have the clubhead trail and not lead your hands and wrist at impact
  • Use an inside out swing path and make sure you pivot
  • The main thing is to not "scoop" the chips and pitches, you want to keep the wrist ahead of the ball at impact.

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