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Avoid Fat Shots


Now that you have made it to around the green, now is the time when you need to score.  Let's say it took you 3 or 4 shots to go the 400+ yards to get to the green.  What you don't want to do is now take another 4 shots in order to get the ball in the hole Fat chip and pitch shotsfrom 50 yards or closer, maybe even just off the green.

So what I will try and teach you in this chip/pitch shot tip is how to not hit the ball fat (heavy) when you are going to make this shot.

Remember that it takes practice to make these shots second nature.  So spend some time around your chipping green at your club.  It will be well worth the time you spend there, that is if you want lower scores and a better handicap.

So here we go.

Avoid Fat Pitch/Chip Shots

  • The first thing you want to do is not sole the club.  Keep the club just above the ground
  • As before, make sure that you narrow up your stance
  • Open the club face slightly, but make sure that it is square to the target
  • This next step is key:
  • Try to keep the arms connected to the chest.  Rotate the body, don't slide those hips.  If you do slide you are going to be jabbing at the ball with your hands, we don't want that
  • A thought is try to focus your eyes on the front of the ball
  • Make sure as with all chip and pitch shots, have about 60% of your weight on your front foot and keep it there through the entire swing
  • Keep the angle of the club leaning toward the target to make sure your hands are a head of the ball at impact.  This makes for great contact and prevents you from flipping your wrist and scooping the ball
  • Now as before, we have good rhythm back and through the ball
  • Swing using your shoulders and arms, remember the wrist are like they are in a cast
  • Now finish the shot with a complete follow through

Well you did it.  This is going to make your short game much better and you are going to watch your scores start to come down.  You will be amazing your partners when they see you pitching and chipping the ball closer to the hole.  But is is going to take some practice to perfect this, so spend the time.  Your game will thank you for your effort.

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