Golf, how to release the club drills

Did you ever wonder how to release the golf club.  Well we have a drill that is very effective on teaching you this very drill.  When playing golf and how to release the club drills can be a very important part of the swing to hit the ball consistently.

This is one of the keys to proper club releasing will provide you with consistent swings.

Golf, how to release the club drills

We've had great success using the “slap” drill to teach students the proper release through impact; how the hands work relative to each other as the body rotates toward the target.

Edwin Thomann

Image by Waechor via Flickr

Here's the drill: Start in a set-up position with your arms extended and hands together, palms facing each other. Swing your right arm to the top and back to the position at setup as if you were simulating a downswing.

Slap your left hand over so that its palm faces up. Its knuckles should face the ground. That's the proper release through impact. Repeat the drill as many times as you need to ingrain the move….More at Slap Your Hand

So if you work this drill you are going to have a better swing over time.  So if you love golf and want to improve then use this slap the hand drill to learn how to release the golf club. You will be glad that you did.

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St. Andrews golf course Scotland green fees, $270 a year are you kidding?

Having a home on the old course of St. Andrews does have its privilages.  Can you imagine playing the old course for around $270 a year.  People would kill for that here in the States.

And you can do it if you buy this flat on the course, the problem is is is going to cost you around $2 million plus dollars.  So there you can have St. Andrews golf course Scotland green fees for $270.

St  Andrews golf course scotland green fees
Image by lluisribes via Flickr

It's one of the all-time golf and real estate stories. Playing the 18th hole on the Old Course at St. Andrews in 1983, George Peper sliced his tee shot so badly it crossed the road adjoining the fairway. If you have never played the Old Course, take my word for it: This is a severe slice. Peper, who was then the editor of Golf magazine, never found the ball. But while rooting around for it, he noticed a two-bedroom flat overlooking the course that was for sale.

Legend has it Peper circled back after his round and stuffed the for-sale sign into the trunk of his rental car, so no one might beat him to it. (“Absolutely not,” he answers, when asked about this. “But I wish I'd thought of it!”) Peper was soon the proud owner of 9A Gibson Place, a charming and impossibly well-situated two-floor apartment overlooking the most famous course and clubhouse in golf.  He paid £42,000, or roughly $65,000 at the time.

The probable asking price is £1.5 million, or about $2.35 million. On top of that you'll have annual taxes of roughly $4,800. Consider this, though: Establish St. Andrews as your home and you can buy a “full resident ticket” that will allow you to play all seven of its courses, including the Old, for around $270 a year.  You didn't misread that. Two hundred seventy dollars for the whole year….More at A slice of golf history

So if you are looking for St Andrews golf course Scotland green fees that are affordable, then all you have to do is to pick up this beauty and you have what you are looking for.  Affordable green fees to St. Andrews.

The thing is can you imagine losing your ball, finding this flat, picking it up for a sum of $65,000 dollars and 29 years later making a cool profit of $2.35 million dollars.  Wow, now that is a find for sure.  Way to go Mr. Peper!

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PGA Tour Qualifying School Changes

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The PGA tour qualifying school changes are going into effect starting in 2013, says Tim Finchem of the PGA.  It is better for the tour if the people coming to the PGA tour have gone thru some type of developmental tour before hand.  The results that they the PGA have show that players coming from [...]

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The Fundamental Of Golf Swing

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All professional players focus on the fundamentals of playing golf and the swings; the fundamentals also include the grip, proper ways to hold the club, posture, setting up the ball, etc. Setting up the ball properly is the chief to successfully improving the golf swing. Setup includes the width of the stance, knee flex, straight [...]

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3 Drive-Home Tips To Improve Your Golf Swings

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Golf is great pastime activity. People of all ages enjoy golfing. The whole family sometimes gets into the game when parents get clubs for their children. Even people who think the game is boring can grow to love the game. Getting good at golf can take some time, though. Continually working to improve your golf [...]

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Hitting A Draw Is Easy With These Tips

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Hitting a draw in golf occurs when your ball flies from right to left, avoiding obstructions that are in the way.  So as to try hitting a draw you need to visualize the ball flight that you will need.  Once you’ve determined a flight path, you will have a target.  This will mean that you [...]

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